Everyone hits a wall sometimes. EV-ERY-ONE. Creative blocks, writer's block, content creator's block: It's a real thing.  And there are steps you can take to get through them with confidence. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You sit down to make your magic happen and the empty page mocks you. I mean stares right back at you laughs. The blank white empty space threatens to swallow you whole and is completely disrespectful of your productivity deadlines. {Or do things like this only happen to me?}

So you try harder and the harder you try the more frustrating it all is.  So what do we creatives do (OK I'll speak for myself)... Peanut butter and Netflix marathons obvi.

What if I told you after more than a decade of cultivating a creative practice while I lived in an African war zone, cared for 100+ children, traveled between continents and had to start over twice once home in the USA, I learned just a few tricks to help.  Things you can do before and during the time your creative flow starts imitating a dried-up riverbed... Any takers?


  • One of the first things you need to do to unlock new levels of creativity.  
  • The biggest game-changer for me to build consistent, sustainable creative practice no matter where I was in the world.
  • Keys to track what inspires you and why that is so important to start that now.
  • 65 creative exercises and prompts to help you jump start your creative flow, explore new creative ideas, play with your mediums, find new inspiration, grow, learn and build a thriving creative practice starting today.
Delivered as an instantly downloadable PDF file.  No physical product is included.